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Who Is Ben Smith?

It all starts back when I was in School, I was this skinny, weak kid. An easy target for any bully, when one day I had, had enough.

It was time to do something about it!

A friend told me about the results he was getting at the gym, and as they say….. “The Rest is History”

Since then I have competed all over the UK, winning several competitions in the process including FMC 2017 National Overall Champion.

I have been on ITV, Heart, and featured in Men’s Health. Not to forget being voted Mr Portsmouth ?

NOW, let’s make you my next success story:

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1-2-1 In Person Training

If you live down on the South Coast, then there is nothing better that letting me help you get that dream body.

We will work together to create the perfect training program, & I will be with you every step of the way.

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1-2-1 Online Coaching

This is by far the most post popular service I offer for the simple reason being that anybody can access it.

That being said, my 1-2-1 online coaching starts with an application process. Pass that and your dream body will only be weeks away.

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90 Day To Shredded Abs

Need something straight to the point, that is proven several times over. Then you can’t go far wrong then with my “90 Days to Shredded Abs” program.

This program has everything you need and more to get you that dream body!

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A Few Of My Clients Results…

Azz Denton

“I Couldn’t Believe How Much Of A Difference Nutrition Could Make To My Results. Since I Have Been Following Ben’s Nutrition Guidelines I Now Have Visible Abs For The First Time.”

Steve Quick

“I Have Always Been A Lean Guy, That Was Until I Joined Ben’s “90 Day To Shredded Abs” Plan. Once I received The Initial Questionaire, I Knew This Was Going To Be Something Different Than I Had Tried Before. I Followed The 90 Day Plan Step By Step, My Abs Hurt For Days After Them Sessions But This Is What I Have Always Wanted. Visible, Rock Solid Abs. Cheers Ben!”

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